Month: April 2012

In the Kitchen: Church food

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When you grow up a Southern Baptist in Texas, you grow up with a love for Jesus, sweaty preachers and casserole dishes. We moved up north a bit, so the preacher is quite a bit calmer, but Jesus and the casserole dishes are sure the same. I’ve been serving meals at our church for about a year now, and I’ve seen all manner of food prepared and eaten there. Once, I had to make a […]

In the Kitchen: Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

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So, we eat a lot of these. And by “a lot” I mean several bags a week. And be “we” I mean me. I thought it would be fun the other night to make my own in the hopes that maybe by taking so much time to craft them I’d be less likely to inhale them. Not so much. These cookies lasted 18 hours in our house. Maybe you have more willpower?     Peanut […]

Why don’t you just go fly a kite

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#BloomWhereYourePlanted / Monkey

I have a love/hate relationship with Kansas City, my home since winter of 2008. The weather is insane, hate. The crime rate is really high, hate. The sports teams are ALLCAPSAWFUL, hate. But the BBQ is heavenly, love. The highways make it a dream to get around, love. And there is so much to do here. LOVE. This morning we woke up with no direction. We ate breakfast, sat around in our pajamas with SportsCenter […]

In the Kitchen: Grilled Pork Skewers

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While I was in Texas a couple of weeks ago, I took my nephews to the South Texas State Fair. We got there in time for opening ceremonies, where I patiently waited through all the hoopla to not only get in free, but to gorge myself on the most awesome of fair foods: The Pork Kabob. They don’t mess with veggies on these kabobs – it’s just a giant skewer full of marinated, slightly charred […]

Embracing change: Gain vs. Loss

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There are so many hard lessons we have to learn in life. Our family, friends and even our enemies usually teach us. Sometimes we can find answers in books, on television, or in school. Our personal encyclopedias of knowledge are the sum of our experiences, and it’s important to remember that not everyone has the same material available to them. I read a lot as a young person, before life got so jam packed with […]

In the Kitchen: Salmon(ella) Quiche

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I meant to post this yesterday as an April Fools’ joke, but instead we were incredibly lazy and napped, sat around with the boy and then watched the entire season 7 of Weeds after he went to bed. A few weeks ago, I had a hankering for some quiche. I’d eaten some with brie and asparagus awhile back and it was positively dreamy, so I figured I’d make my own and publish a long-overdue recipe […]