29 thoughts on “In the Kitchen: Buckeyes

  1. Oh, I love, Love, LOVE buckeyes! Would you believe I’ve never made them? They are deliciously, delightfully easy! Thanks for sharing….I have a few peanut butter and chocolate fanatics in my house who would LOVE these!

  2. I have a girlfriend that gives our children Reindeer poop every year for Christmas! (Chocolate covered raisins)

    I am so making Buckeyes this year for her and her children!!! I had totally forgotten about these! Thanks for the tip!!!

    Klem (hugs in Norwegian)

      1. I did it! Gave Buckeyes (Reindeer eyes) as gifts and everyone LOVED them! Thanks again for reminding me of this. I have a new tradition.
        Yes I had to substitute margarine…grrrr!

        Happy New year and safe travels!!!!

  3. Wow…you went a whole 24 hours? I’m impressed. I think I’d be lucky if they lasted with me for 2 hours. I’m really glad you posted this recipe!

  4. Hi! As a fellow food blogger, I just want to let you know that someone is using your picture and recipe as their own (unless you gave them permission). I believe that credit should be given where credit is due.
    Here’s the link:

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