When mom and dad let you down

It’s Wednesday evening and I’m pulling ingredients for dinner out of cabinets and drawers. I’m going to attempt chicken fried steak again, my old nemesis. I tick things off the checklist in my head.

Monkey stands at the gate to the kitchen, doing his Stewie routine.

“Mom. Mom. Mama. Mommy. Mom.”

“Yes?” I ask, distracted by the task at hand.

“Cheeto please,” he says.

“No, mama is making dinner,” I reply.

He frowns at me, dimples disappearing. His brow furrows. He walks off to entreat his father.

“Dada. Dada. Dada.”

“What can I do for you, son?” his father asks.

The request is the same.

“Cheeto please.”

“No, Mama told you, she is making dinner,” his father says.

Twice denied, Monkey plops down on the floor. He’s considering his options. He could whine, but that never does any good anyway. He could go get the Cheetos himself, but that gate is proving to be quite the deterrent.

Hm. OH! That’s right. That’s how you get the Cheetos. That never fails.

The revelation brightens his features, the dimples return. He stands up, takes a deep breath and puts on his most charming smile.

“Dada, call MawMaw.”

28 thoughts on “When mom and dad let you down

  1. This is the meaning of life, right here. This is the universal truth to end all truths.

    Always call Grandma. ALWAYS. Even when you’re 31.


  2. Those Grandma’s … mine is not far away and my youngest plays us off .. a lot ….

    1. His are far off, but they make up for the distance with the ferocity of the spoiling when we’re there! Our mail carrier hates us too.

  3. Smart kid! ha! My Dad was doling out money this last weekend while my parents were here and all I could think was “Someday I’m going to give my Grandkids money on the fly!” 😉

    1. HA! I remember when my aunt was spoiling us growing up, I always thought it would be great to be like her. And I did spoil my nephews ROTTEN. We’ll see how this grandparent spoiling pans out…

  4. I would always go and ask my grandpa – and got everything. I am sure it drove my mother crazy, as it would me, but I am actually sad that my kids don’t have any grandparents close. It’s such a special relationship. And cheetos.

    1. We were more spoiled by my aunt than my grandparents I think. I mean, not that we weren’t spoiled by them, it was just more severe by the aunt. 😉 They all live quite a ways away, but the phone calls and video chats are really special. And every visit is jam-packed with memories and good times. And Cheetos. Of course.

    1. Aww, I just read your other comments. Spoiling y’all was soooo much fun! I always got such joy when I did. The squeals and the laughter were addictive. It is so cool to watch you pass that on. Josh and Caleb just get so excited when they talk about JuJi!

  5. This is a regular occurence at my house, right down to the Stewie calling, “mama, mama, mom, mom, mom”. Paige is always asking for food when we are cooking dinner.

    1. Everyone ( young and old) in my family knows that Poppy always has cookies… Wonder what we will be known for when we’re grandparents?

      1. Good question! My grandmother always had fudge rounds when we were little. Now she doles out the Cheetos. I’ll probably always have chocolate, hah!

    1. He runs through the lineup now when he’s denied the Cheeto. MawMawMemePopPopAuntJan? Over and over. No dude, no one is giving you a Cheeto right now. Little addict.

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