Deep in my heart, it’s Texas


In late 2008, I was more than thrilled to pack up the few things hurricane Ike had left us and skedaddle up north to Kansas City. I was ready for an adventure with my new husband in the place he had always thought of as home.

Moving from a small Texas coastal town to a medium-sized Midwestern city was a bigger culture shock than I’d expected. I stuck out like a loud, drawling sore thumb, for sure.

But it was fun – braving the snow, learning my way around the city, and enjoying the comforts of living within driving distance of five different Target stores, a BBQ joint on every corner and more Starbucks than you could shake a latte at.

But when we made the decision to come here, we didn’t count on a few things. One, that we’d have a kid. Two, that we’d have two kids. And three, that we’d miss that mosquito-infested, hurricane-threatened, refinery-stenched Texas town and all the crazy people in it so much. So much that it was physically painful at times.

But oh yeah, that all happened.

And despite the wonderful friendships we’d built and the quiet existence we’d carved out in our little Heartland home, we felt that we needed to find a way back to the Lone Star State.

Well friends, after more than a year of trying, God opened a door for us to do so. Today my husband accepted a job offer that will put us right smack dab in the middle of things back home in Texas. Tonight he tendered his resignation with a company that has provided for us since the beginning – a company he’s been with since before we met.

It wasn’t easy for him to do that, and it won’t be easy to say goodbye to those we love here in the city. We’ve got two weeks to get packed and get gone, and we’re a bittersweet mixture of excitement and sadness.

But we’re sure of this, I know. We are SO prayed up on this. We are ready for the next adventure and we know there’s a whole crowd of folks waiting on pins and needles for us to get on home.

Texas, we’ll see y’all soon.

38 thoughts on “Deep in my heart, it’s Texas

  1. Oh mama. I am so happy for you!!! Big big life changes this last month eh? Safe travels and I am a girl that loves to be home so I totally get it. I’m so glad you get to go home ❤

    1. I’m sure after things have settled down I’m going to have an OMGWTF moment or two, for sure. 🙂 But I tend to deal really well with chaos, especially, you know, the good kind.

  2. Congrats on prayers answered! I’m not even from Texas and I LOVE it! We had a small window where Leo was going to be transferred to Dallas and I was a little bummed that it didn’t go through. It still ranks as one of my favorite places to visit. 2 weeks! That made me kind of sweat for you.

    1. Girl, we still have seven days and I’ve only got one room to go. I am a BEAST I tell you. 🙂 When given a purpose, nothing gets in my way. You’d do well in Texas, ’cause y’all are the same way, I bet.

    1. Thank you for that! And for being my cheerleader. I know I’m kind of absent at the blogging cafeteria table, but I hope when things settle down I can get back out there and be more present and supportive for others.

    1. I’m kicking so much arse right now. Even with Paul gone to Texas in the middle of the week I still got most of everything done. One more room to go…

  3. YAY JULIE!!! SO happy for you!! I know how you’ve yearned for this – couldn’t be more thrilled for you! 🙂 congratulations!! xoxo

  4. What exciting news Julie!!! Congratz to your husband on getting a job! I know how crazy it is to be expected to move in two weeks. When we moved from Raleigh to MA we also had two weeks, but didn’t have kids or a new baby. I wish you all the luck in the world! Will you be living near your family? Same town? Where in Texas? Hugs and can’t wait to follow your journey!

    1. Same town! And with family, scary as that sounds. We’re going to be helping out with my grandparents in their home (which has always been MY “home”) until we sell this house and buy another. No way we could get THAT done in two weeks, unfortunately. 😀

  5. I was born here and as a young adult moved away to California only to find myself broke and sobbing to my family on the phone begging to come back. I’ve been all over the U.S. as a truck driver and Texas really is my favorite place to be.
    God Bless Texas

  6. Texas, hu? “They say that Virginia is the mother of Texas. We never knew who the father was, but we kinda suspected Tennessee.” – Tex Ritter

    Glad you’re happy!

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