SnoPocaGeddon ’13

I find that when you can’t overcome or prevent something, it’s best to just give yourself over to it fully.

We woke up this morning to snow that was just beginning to fall. Over three hours, we accumulated about seven inches and it’s still falling. The gnomes were not impressed.


Neither was the dog.


At first the kid was less than thrilled.


But wait, this is kind of cool.


Nah, Daddy, I got it.


Ok, that’s enough. Pick me up now!


Final verdict? I think it’s safe to say that while our son is genetically identical to his father in appearance, he’s totally Texan deep down in his blood like his mama and is not a fan of this cold, wet, sticky mess!


13 thoughts on “SnoPocaGeddon ’13

  1. It still looks pretty! Though I’m sick of the snow after we had that Blizzard in MA. And we are supposed to get more this weekend! Stay war and cozy inside!

  2. LOL! I live in the great white north, as you already know, and we have snow from November through March, and sometimes longer. Right now the biggest drift in my front yard is just slightly over 4′ – and that was after a week of unseasonably warm weather 🙂 I hope it warms up for you all soon!

  3. Love that you have the gnomes out there measuring the snowfall. So pretty, all that white stuff. But that’s because I’m here, sweating in tropical weather.

  4. I’ve been following the gnomes on facebook and while I LOVE the idea and the results, I am shivering in my 72-degree house right now.


    Let’s meet up in Texas. STAT.

  5. I love the family pic at the end! So cute. Did you hear that if the next storm holds up we are looking at anywhere from another 5 to 10 inches on Monday??? CRAZY

  6. I love the dog picture. He must be Texan too. I personally couldnt imagine being IN the snow without pocket warmers and sealed head to toe from wetness. Cold and wet is not my idea of fun. Our cold gusty wind has me wanting to hide in bed with hot chocolate. Mmmmm hot chocolate.

  7. Love your gnomes- that was such a cute movie. And yes if only there could be snow and it could be warm, though I guess then it would never melt 🙂

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