Chick O Cheat

I gotta tell you, the last thing this mama wanted to do tonight was go trick or treating. I was barely getting by on the three hours of sleep I’d gotten after last night’s Madonna concert and still being waterboarded by my own snot thanks to this lingering cold.

For some reason, my husband was determined that we go, so after a short nap I dragged myself out to the truck to head over to our friends’ neighborhood for what ended up being probably one of the best Halloween evenings ever.

Last year, Monkey dressed as a gnome and rode around in the wagon for most of the night. His dad would carry him up to each house for treats and he’d just stare at all the happy, friendly candy pushers.

This year, he quickly figured out what an awesome deal this whole Halloween thing was.

You mean, I just wear some silly outfit?

And I get to pull the wagon around in the street?

And if I walk up to a house and yell, “Chick O Cheat” they’ll give me candy? (Don’t forget to say thank you! See you later!)

And Mama will let me eat my weight in M&Ms as long as I turn over all these orange square things?

So up and down the sidewalks we went through a neighborhood full of clowns and witches, fairy princesses and well-muscled super heroes. The dads toted small coolers full of autumnal brews while the big kids filled pillowcases with sugar-laden treats to be bartered for extended bedtimes later.

The moms wheeled the smaller kids around in wagons and strollers, stashing the good chocolate in their pockets when no one was looking. Ok, so maybe just one mom did that. Shut up.

After we’d filled the buckets and baskets, we headed back to our friends’ house for some pizza and warmth while the kids sorted their candy and the men chilled on the porch with their drinks and cigars.

On the way home, Monkey was asleep before we hit the highway. His father slipped him quietly into pajamas and under the covers before stretching out to gently snore on the couch.

And Mama is tired, and still feeling under the weather. But she is also round and content and grateful to be able to live such a beautiful, simple life with some truly excellent people.

10 thoughts on “Chick O Cheat

  1. I didn’t want to go trick or treating last night, either, but like you, I’m glad I did. I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of things lately only because it’ll make my kids happy, and you know what? That’s okay. Because in the end, it makes me happy to see that little things can put such a big smile on their faces. I’m all kinds of sappy today, sorry. 🙂

    Also, I had a feeling that Monkey would have fun! Plus, the world needed to see Clark one more time. He’s too freaking adorable not to share with the world.

    1. It really did make me happy to see both my boys so giddy with excitement. And it was great to get out and see friends we hadn’t seen in awhile. Hope everything went great on your side of town! 🙂

  2. We had a great time and yes…he is a total whine-o!! I mean beer in the cooler I get…but dude…whine? Don’t forget my favortie of your son’s quips last night! “see you later” and “more please.” At least all of our neighbors are sweet and thought he was hilarious!

    1. Your neighbors are awesome. 🙂 And…your family is awesome! Paul talked the whole way home about how much we love hanging out with you guys. You make midwestern life SO much more colorful and fun.

  3. Pizza sounds good right now. I don’t know why I am awake. But what an adorable costume!!!! Thankfully the weather was great. Irishman stopped a whole group of teenage boys headed up a to a house. He told them they each had to put a piece of candy in Lil Ducks bucket if they wanted to pass. And they ALL did it! I’m not sure who was more amazed…Lil Duck receiving the loot or me watching it happen! Great memories 😀

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