Month: September 2011

In the Kitchen: Chicken Spaghetti

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Last year I signed up to be a part of this SAHM group here in KC. Now, it’s rare that I’m actually able to make any of the meetups, but there is one thing I can always be a part of that counts as my participation for the month and therefore saves me from getting kicked out. (Which is awesome, because you do NOT want to be ostracized from a mommy group.) Each time someone […]

In the Kitchen: Cheesy Chicken & Spinach Lasagna

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Sometimes, I only prepare a meal as a means of a cheese delivery system. This is one of those times. Sure, there’s some chicken in here, and some spinach so we can call it “healthy.” But let’s be honest. This dish is all about the three cheeses that make every bite a rich, calorie-laden, scrumdiddlyumptious mouthgasm. The original, adapted from an old Better Homes cookbook, can take awhile to prep, so I’ve included a few […]