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In the Kitchen: Amaretto Slush

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My mom serves these at holiday gatherings, usually when we get together to wrap gifts before Christmas. That’s probably why we all get along so well during those special times, and you can always tell which gifts were wrapped later in the evening. I made up a batch for Monkey’s party, and there wasn’t a drop left once everyone had departed. They are equally perfect for a sweltering summer day and a chilly winter evening. […]

Run, Return, Rebuild

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A poem about starting over for MamaKat’s Writer’s Workshop. Warnings heeded, we left you Alone in the storm Took what we could – not much Dogs and photos, mostly We watched the colors approach While you felt the water rise A week passed by, homeless Before we saw you Red brick, still standing strong Insides out, upsides down Saved what we could – not much Metal, plastic and glass, mostly Hauled the rest to the […]

The Legend of Captain B

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Have a seat, children, and I’ll tell you the legend of Captain B, a larger-than-life fellow who never came across an animal without wondering what it would taste like. Captain B is a tugboat captain by trade, a survivalist by nature, a father, a husband, and a somewhat law-abiding citizen. He’s a gifted story-teller, a reluctant dog wrangler, and he grills a mean pork chop. One old man who knew him as a youngster tells […]