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SnoPocaGeddon ’13

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#BloomWhereYourePlanted / Family / Kansas City

I find that when you can’t overcome or prevent something, it’s best to just give yourself over to it fully. We woke up this morning to snow that was just beginning to fall. Over three hours, we accumulated about seven inches and it’s still falling. The gnomes were not impressed. Neither was the dog. At first the kid was less than thrilled. But wait, this is kind of cool. Nah, Daddy, I got it. Ok, […]

35 weeks: Still rockin’ and rollin’

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#BloomWhereYourePlanted / #iPPP / Kansas City

I wrote this morning on Twitter that I no longer feel human. That I feel like an incubator glued to a couch being fed Cheez Its as fuel. I think that accurately sums up the last month of pregnancy. It’s just not fun. Your brain stops working, everything is beginning to swell and hurt and your uterus thinks it’s fun to randomly contract here and there. Because of the excruciating heartburn, there are like six […]

Santa, no. Trains, yes!

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Family / Kansas City / Monkey

Union Station is one of my favorite places in Kansas City, especially during the holidays. Every year we go downtown to see the model train display and marvel at the Christmas decorations. The majestic architecture of the train station is beautifully complimented by the brightly lit trees and sparkling snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. This year we figured Monkey was old enough to enjoy the Kansas City Southern Holiday Express, a train “unlike any other […]

Chick O Cheat

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Friends / Kansas City / Monkey

I gotta tell you, the last thing this mama wanted to do tonight was go trick or treating. I was barely getting by on the three hours of sleep I’d gotten after last night’s Madonna concert and still being waterboarded by my own snot thanks to this lingering cold. For some reason, my husband was determined that we go, so after a short nap I dragged myself out to the truck to head over to […]

Kansas City, let’s go steady

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#BloomWhereYourePlanted / Kansas City

I’m from Texas. Part of my heart will always belong to the Lone Star State. But I have a confession. I’ve been having an affair with Kansas City, and it might be getting serious. I’ve written before of my love/hate relationship with the place I’ve called home for going on four years. There’s plenty to do, but the weather aggravates me. The Kansas Prairie has given me a best friend whom I love like a […]