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35 weeks: Still rockin’ and rollin’

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I wrote this morning on Twitter that I no longer feel human. That I feel like an incubator glued to a couch being fed Cheez Its as fuel. I think that accurately sums up the last month of pregnancy. It’s just not fun. Your brain stops working, everything is beginning to swell and hurt and your uterus thinks it’s fun to randomly contract here and there. Because of the excruciating heartburn, there are like six […]

Discovering snow (again)

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Stage One: Wut? Stage Two: DAFUQ MOM?! Stage Three: There’s stuff on the glass! I can’t see the street! Hey! HEY! Stage Four: Clean it up.  Stage Five: I not like it, Mama. I not. I hungry. Bacon? Applesauce?  Maybe we’ll go out and actually play in it once it stops blowing around. Or not. Not sounds more fun.   

The nostalgia of clean sheets #iPPP

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Growing up, my most and least favorite day was cleaning day. Usually on a Saturday we’d wake up to the sounds of our mom scrubbing either the kitchen or the bathroom. We’d haul our dirty clothes out to the hallway and sort them into piles. We’d dust and vacuum and declutter. When you’re a kid, cleaning sucks. But there was always something so lovely about resting on the couch under the ceiling fan afterward, surrounded […]

In the Kitchen: Copycat 54th Street Gringo Dip

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WHOA. Where’d all you folks come from? I mothballed this site awhile back and just left up the recipes, so I was surprised to see a huge uptick in visits this week. Can someone tell me what kind person sent you? One of my favorite appetizers here in Kansas City is 54th Street’s Gringo Dip – a white cheese dip loaded with veggies and spice. They serve it with chips or waffle fries and it’s […]