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In the Kitchen: Meal Planning with Pinterest

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I'm Still Learning / Noms

By now I’m sure most of you are using Pinterest, if for nothing else than to amass a large collection of obnoxious Someecards. Or maybe that’s just me? Pinterest is useful for other things too though, like meal planning. Since I tend to Pin links to recipes all willy nilly, it can be daunting to go dig back through them each evening for a particular link. So, I’ve begun making a weekly menu that has […]

The bucket

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How was YOUR day? / I'm Still Learning

During my training as a teacher, I was given an analogy that compared relationships to a bucketful of acorns. The speaker held up an empty metal bucket. He said, “This is the person you’re in a relationship with.” He placed acorns on the table in front of him. He said, “These are moments. They are kind words and insults. They are good deeds and trespasses.” He handed the bucket to a woman sitting nearby. He […]

And I would do anything for love…

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I'm Still Learning / Marriage

*Warning: This post might offend vegetarians. And anyone with common sense, which I am obviously lacking today.  The hubs and I, we don’t really do Valentine’s Day. It’s not that we hate candy and flowers, it just one of those take-it-or-leave-it holidays. So this morning was just like any other morning – we got up with the kiddo when he started squawking from his crib. Hubs let the dogs outside to potty, I plopped the […]

In the Kitchen: Talkin’ Turkey

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I'm Still Learning / Noms

Last year I hosted Thanksgiving at my house, which meant not only did I have to clean behind the toilet and wipe off the three inches of dust that collected on the ceiling fan, I also had to provide the turkey. Now, I’m a pretty experienced cook but the thought of tackling the turkey freaked me out. I couldn’t face the possibility of burning the bird and having to serve cold cuts along side our […]