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An afternoon with the Kansas Freezer Meal Queen

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This morning I’m sitting on the couch, looking like a Buddha in yoga pants and a maternity t-shirt, humbly contemplating the blessings of true friendship that I have. Friends from back home in Texas who, even four years after I abandoned them to the storms and mosquitoes, still regularly keep in touch and send gifts to my boys. Friends from all over the Internet, some of whom I’ve never met, who care for my family […]

Full term and fabulous

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Yeah, ok, so not really. When the OB asked how I was feeling today, I told him I felt like an irritable, sore gummy bear. And it’s true! I have very little patience. My pelvis is coming apart in places. My belly is so big I can’t reach my feet to tie my own shoes and I’ve officially got two chins. So here we are, nine months and twenty pounds into our pregnancy. My rings […]

Chick O Cheat

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I gotta tell you, the last thing this mama wanted to do tonight was go trick or treating. I was barely getting by on the three hours of sleep I’d gotten after last night’s Madonna concert and still being waterboarded by my own snot thanks to this lingering cold. For some reason, my husband was determined that we go, so after a short nap I dragged myself out to the truck to head over to […]

Ain’t no party like a MonkeyMash party…

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In nine days my son will turn two and like all other parents I’m left scratching my head and wondering where that time went. I brought home a little squeaky thing in the summer of 2010 and I’ve watched him grow into a great kid. He loves his friends and family. He’s affectionate and silly. He enjoys conversation, food and playing – all with contagious gusto. To celebrate the two years we’ve spent loving him, […]

The Invisible Elephant Saga, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Zoo

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On Tuesday I’ll be 33. According to some think tank in the UK, that’s the age most people report to have been the happiest. I certainly plan on doing my best to support that position with the help of some silly, smart, spectacular people in my life. Several of those people accompanied me to the Omaha Zoo on Saturday, a trip that’s been on my “Midwestern Bucket List” for some time. The zoos of today […]

Red Dragon, Lunchmeat and why there won’t be a Monday Meals Post

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I want to tell you about that time that I purposefully placed turkey cold cuts on my face. That time was yesterday. It started out as a great day. I kissed my boys goodbye that morning and headed to meet my friend Greta for lunch and girl time. I enjoyed a fruity Blue Moon and a spicy Red Dragon roll while GFunk and I chatted about family and future plans. She gave me my birthday […]