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Time marches on


“The only thing that stays the same is everything changes.” – Tracy Lawrence It’s been a year and a half since I blogged. At the time that I left Mamamash behind, I was caught in a whirlwind of change. We’d just added a new baby and moved from KCMO to Texas. We were adjusting to the new lifestyle that came with my husband’s career change. Life was not without its stresses, but we were happy and […]

Mother’s Day 2013

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I keep meaning to blog, I do. But there’s so much love to catch up on. There’s a lot of laughter. And some horseplay. We’re eating like kings and queens. And sometimes we even grab a nap. Thank you, God, for bringing us home to Texas. Thank you for our family.

Full term and fabulous

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Family / Friends

Yeah, ok, so not really. When the OB asked how I was feeling today, I told him I felt like an irritable, sore gummy bear. And it’s true! I have very little patience. My pelvis is coming apart in places. My belly is so big I can’t reach my feet to tie my own shoes and I’ve officially got two chins. So here we are, nine months and twenty pounds into our pregnancy. My rings […]

SnoPocaGeddon ’13

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#BloomWhereYourePlanted / Family / Kansas City

I find that when you can’t overcome or prevent something, it’s best to just give yourself over to it fully. We woke up this morning to snow that was just beginning to fall. Over three hours, we accumulated about seven inches and it’s still falling. The gnomes were not impressed. Neither was the dog. At first the kid was less than thrilled. But wait, this is kind of cool. Nah, Daddy, I got it. Ok, […]

The 2012-2013 Holiday Saga

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Spanning two weeks, three states and five different beds, here’s Mamamash’s fourth grade essay, “What I did on my Christmas vacation.” Let me preface this by saying that over this holiday season, I did a few things differently. One, I deleted my Twitter, Instagram and for a time, Facebook accounts. I needed a break from the external noise and a chance to focus just on what was in front of me. Two, I don’t think […]

Santa, no. Trains, yes!

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Family / Kansas City / Monkey

Union Station is one of my favorite places in Kansas City, especially during the holidays. Every year we go downtown to see the model train display and marvel at the Christmas decorations. The majestic architecture of the train station is beautifully complimented by the brightly lit trees and sparkling snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. This year we figured Monkey was old enough to enjoy the Kansas City Southern Holiday Express, a train “unlike any other […]

Pop the Patriarch turns 80

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Sometimes when things come together, it’s luck – like my husband needing to go to Texas for work at the same time I needed to go to Texas for a family gathering. He didn’t have to use any vacation days and I didn’t have to drive myself! But most of the time when things come together it’s because a bunch of people worked their asses off to get it done. My grandfather’s 80th birthday was […]