Month: March 2013

Wanna play a guessing game?

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Baby Boy Bump #1 vs Baby Boy Bump #2, same shirt, same pants, same gestational length. On the left, my first son. I gained about 40 lbs and he came out at 8 lbs, 10 0z, 21 inches long. The doctors kept insisting he was going to be 10 lbs. Whoops. On the right, my second son. I’ve gained 20 lbs exaclty and the doctors think he’s measuring about 7.5 lbs, but probably just as […]

An afternoon with the Kansas Freezer Meal Queen

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Friends / Noms

This morning I’m sitting on the couch, looking like a Buddha in yoga pants and a maternity t-shirt, humbly contemplating the blessings of true friendship that I have. Friends from back home in Texas who, even four years after I abandoned them to the storms and mosquitoes, still regularly keep in touch and send gifts to my boys. Friends from all over the Internet, some of whom I’ve never met, who care for my family […]