Month: December 2012

Discovering snow (again)

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Stage One: Wut? Stage Two: DAFUQ MOM?! Stage Three: There’s stuff on the glass! I can’t see the street! Hey! HEY! Stage Four: Clean it up.  Stage Five: I not like it, Mama. I not. I hungry. Bacon? Applesauce?  Maybe we’ll go out and actually play in it once it stops blowing around. Or not. Not sounds more fun.   

In the Kitchen: Divinity

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When I think of my great-grandmother, Grandma “Bridge City,” I think of the color red. I think of the blessings she had in the form of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren who she got to meet. And at Christmastime, I think about her candy making. I remember standing in her kitchen – a kitchen that would one day be my own – and watching her set out plates of divinity, fudge and bon bons that […]

Santa, no. Trains, yes!

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Family / Kansas City / Monkey

Union Station is one of my favorite places in Kansas City, especially during the holidays. Every year we go downtown to see the model train display and marvel at the Christmas decorations. The majestic architecture of the train station is beautifully complimented by the brightly lit trees and sparkling snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. This year we figured Monkey was old enough to enjoy the Kansas City Southern Holiday Express, a train “unlike any other […]