Month: August 2012

The nostalgia of clean sheets #iPPP

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Growing up, my most and least favorite day was cleaning day. Usually on a Saturday we’d wake up to the sounds of our mom scrubbing either the kitchen or the bathroom. We’d haul our dirty clothes out to the hallway and sort them into piles. We’d dust and vacuum and declutter. When you’re a kid, cleaning sucks. But there was always something so lovely about resting on the couch under the ceiling fan afterward, surrounded […]


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She wasn’t sure she was going to make it. The split second she needed to gauge the footsteps – the leaps that would take her further from her pursuer and closer to an escape – that fraction of time might have made the difference. Her pulse was throbbing in her ears. Could he hear it? He would catch her again, this she knew. She could hear his short, shallow breaths just feet away. He wasn’t […]

In the Kitchen: Copycat 54th Street Gringo Dip

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WHOA. Where’d all you folks come from? I mothballed this site awhile back and just left up the recipes, so I was surprised to see a huge uptick in visits this week. Can someone tell me what kind person sent you? One of my favorite appetizers here in Kansas City is 54th Street’s Gringo Dip – a white cheese dip loaded with veggies and spice. They serve it with chips or waffle fries and it’s […]