Month: May 2012

The Invisible Elephant Saga, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Zoo

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On Tuesday I’ll be 33. According to some think tank in the UK, that’s the age most people report to have been the happiest. I certainly plan on doing my best to support that position with the help of some silly, smart, spectacular people in my life. Several of those people accompanied me to the Omaha Zoo on Saturday, a trip that’s been on my “Midwestern Bucket List” for some time. The zoos of today […]

In the Kitchen: Meal Planning with Pinterest

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I'm Still Learning / Noms

By now I’m sure most of you are using Pinterest, if for nothing else than to amass a large collection of obnoxious Someecards. Or maybe that’s just me? Pinterest is useful for other things too though, like meal planning. Since I tend to Pin links to recipes all willy nilly, it can be daunting to go dig back through them each evening for a particular link. So, I’ve begun making a weekly menu that has […]

In the Kitchen: Lasagna soup

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Y’all, I’m changing Monday Meals over to “Soup’s On” Sunday. I’m doing this for several reasons. One, so I can participate in Stasha’s Monday Listicles, and two because, well, because I can! Oh, the joys of being your own boss. (For those of you who’ve never heard the saying, “Soup’s on” is just a way to call people to the table for dinner.) I came across this recipe for Low-Fat Lasagna soup on Pinterest. I’m […]

When mom and dad let you down

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It’s Wednesday evening and I’m pulling ingredients for dinner out of cabinets and drawers. I’m going to attempt chicken fried steak again, my old nemesis. I tick things off the checklist in my head. Monkey stands at the gate to the kitchen, doing his Stewie routine. “Mom. Mom. Mama. Mommy. Mom.” “Yes?” I ask, distracted by the task at hand. “Cheeto please,” he says. “No, mama is making dinner,” I reply. He frowns at me, […]

Red Dragon, Lunchmeat and why there won’t be a Monday Meals Post

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I want to tell you about that time that I purposefully placed turkey cold cuts on my face. That time was yesterday. It started out as a great day. I kissed my boys goodbye that morning and headed to meet my friend Greta for lunch and girl time. I enjoyed a fruity Blue Moon and a spicy Red Dragon roll while GFunk and I chatted about family and future plans. She gave me my birthday […]

The bucket

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During my training as a teacher, I was given an analogy that compared relationships to a bucketful of acorns. The speaker held up an empty metal bucket. He said, “This is the person you’re in a relationship with.” He placed acorns on the table in front of him. He said, “These are moments. They are kind words and insults. They are good deeds and trespasses.” He handed the bucket to a woman sitting nearby. He […]