Month: November 2011

In the Kitchen: Basic pork roast

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Pork roast is one of the staples in my freezer. It’s something I grew up on and have continued to share with my family. A quick search on Pinterest or Tastespotting will reveal that it’s also a beautifully blank canvas on which you can create a variety of tastes. Make it sweet, make it spicy. Make it stuffed, make it saucy. Occasionally I’ll branch out and try these variations, but usually I stick to the […]

In the Kitchen: Caramel Apple Pie

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Guest Posts / Noms

I know a lot of people closely guard their favorite recipes. Some won’t even write them down for fear of sneaky pilferers. I have a cousin who makes a great banana pudding and said she’d tell me how if I promised never to bring it to a family function, because it was her thing. (I promise, Jenny, I’ve never served it to anyone you know, and I gave you full credit when I did make […]

In the Kitchen: Talkin’ Turkey

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I'm Still Learning / Noms

Last year I hosted Thanksgiving at my house, which meant not only did I have to clean behind the toilet and wipe off the three inches of dust that collected on the ceiling fan, I also had to provide the turkey. Now, I’m a pretty experienced cook but the thought of tackling the turkey freaked me out. I couldn’t face the possibility of burning the bird and having to serve cold cuts along side our […]

In the Kitchen: Tomato Basil Soup and Grilled Gruyère Sandwiches

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The bright red leaves are almost gone on our beautiful silver maple in the front yard, and the temperatures have been teasing their way toward freezing for the last week or so. I’m prone to developing the winter blues, so to avoid spending the next several months in fetal position in the corner, I’ve tried to focus on the fun things about the season: warm fuzzy socks, flannel sheets and fabulous food. While I was […]