Month: October 2011

In the Kitchen: Italian Wedding Soup

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I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of this until I found a recipe while FoodGawking one day. When I expressed my utter joy in having discovered such a fantastic food, everyone laughed at me like I’d just discovered Google or something. Perhaps your mom/grandma/Aunt Gus makes this, or maybe that café on the corner serves it for Tuesday lunch and you’ve already been there, done that. But if you haven’t! Oh my. Give this a […]

In the Kitchen: Stuffed Bell Peppers

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I don’t like to run out of things. At this moment, there is a back up/replacement product for just about anything in my pantry, medicine cabinet and baby supply closet. Just used the last cup of flour? No problem. Check the third shelf, behind the spaghetti noodles. Took the last two Immodium Tuesday after that unfortunate undercooked chicken sandwich incident? There’s some at the back of the cabinet next to the year’s worth of deodorant. […]

Sometimes you have to share

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Monkey / Worth 1000 Words

Every family has a collection of stories they tell about each other. Sometimes the stories are funny, oftentimes they are embarrassing, but occasionally they are sweet and translate well from generation to generation. My Aunt Jan tells the story of how when I was five, I told my two-year-old sister that she was coming to visit. But I set very clear boundaries about the relationship my sister could have with our aunt. “She’s my Aunt […]

In the Kitchen: This is why fractions are important

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Every year on or around the first of October my husband ventures into the kitchen to bake the one thing he knows how to make: his grandmother’s pumpkin bread. He doesn’t just make one or two loaves though. No, after a morning full of flour spills and fished-out eggshells, every inch of our countertops are covered with little brown rectangles. Our friends are ok with this, or at least they pretend to be, because they […]